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Boc edwards
Tianli are a diversified and flexible group constantly seeking new opportunities in our existing business fields and the new growing areas. Our diversification and flexibility combined with our experience and geographical presence enables us to work with our business partners to capitalize on new opportunities, especially in pharmaceutical, cryogenic, chemical industries, and powder process technology, we can help you enter Chinese market, support services in China, Manufacture in China or OEM in China.
With pleasures we share the long term cooperation with the following partners:

BOC Edwards provides an integrated package of equipment and support services to manufactures of parenteral pharmaceuticals, incorporating fillign systems, automated loading systems and freeze-drying systems. Combined with worldwide support and production facilityies in the Americas, Europe and China, BOC Edwards provides the complete global solution with quality and service standards you can rely on around the clock, Tianli is the BOC Edwards¨s exclusive representative in China and Asia market.

BELIMED fully understands in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, the sterilizer is an important link in the overall production chain. The sterilization process, capacity, loading concept and quality of finish must be ideally geared to the materials being sterilized and to operational conditions and physical location. BELIMED sterilizers work reliably within precisely delineated specifications. The sterilizing process and the integrated computer system with its hardware and software are validated and appropriate documentation drawn up. Because of the world wide orientation of the pharmaceutical industry, BELIMED sterilizers comply with all international regulations, BELIMED can supply steam/air sterilizers and hot-water shower sterilizer with features as follows:
, Powerful and flexible control system, which have been developed by the specialists in accordance with ISO 9001. documentation of the software validation is supplied together with the equipment.
, Meets all the requirement for operations within the limits of pharmaceutical safety requirements.
, Depending on their size, BELIMED sterilizers are fitted with pull-out trays or can be loaded by means of carts or palettes.
, Process is under control by lots of sensors and monitor instruments.
, All piping is in refined steel. All refined-steel welding seams are subjected to full-immersion pickling.
, The sterilizer pressure vessel is a welded cube construction in solid chrome nickel molybdenum steel surrounded with U-shaped channel ribbing.
BELIMED can supply various methods of dcumention batch data, printer and recorders are both available.


EHRET is located in Germany started from 1928, EHRET has been foused on sterile technology, supplying the sterilizer,Lab animal cage system and cleaning room products to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry

Since Flexicon A/S Denmark established in 1986, it has continuously develop and consummate the peristaltic technic, and specialized in the peristaltic principle. This dedication has lead to a unique product range of peristaltic fillers from stand-alone units to fully automatic filling and capping systems. It¨s a leading manufacturer of peristaltic liquid filling machines.

HEINKEL is a professional company for solid liquid separation technology, located in Stuttgart, built in 1883. HEINKEL has leading the separation technology by the innovation of inverting centrifuge, nowadays, HEINKEL can supply not only the inverting centrifuge, but also the peeler, centrifuge dryer, filter dryer and related system. from 2004, HEINKEL joined TIANLI TEAM.

The NOVINDUSTRA, a Swiss company, was founded in 1961. It is situated only 25 kilometres from Basel and can be reached very easily. Our firm gives work to more than 30 people. We produce filling-, dosing- and weighing stations for bulk materials. In doing so, quality as well as filling accuracy and cleanliness are of utmost importance: Moreover we make sure that the systems are easy to clean. Your demands are in the centre of our interest: We build systems (as complex as required) using standard components that are all developed by NOVINDUSTRA.We take care of the thorough technical planning of a project up to the producing of the detailed drawings. Carefully selected firms that fulfil all our requirements then get to produce the respective parts of the machine. After that the system is assembled and tested at NOVINDUSTRA. Our specialists compile the hardware, programme the software for the electric control system and see build the control panels. Moreover we plan the setting up of the machines, carry it out directly at our clients¨ firms, put the units in operation and make sure that they run smoothly and perfectly

Since the beginning, it has become one of the world's important suppliers of packaging systems for customers Oli supplys plant engineering, and equipment equipments. Today, it is one of the international company in the world able to provide integrated processing, packaging, and distribution line and plant solutions for the customers. with rich experience, each of OLI¨s machine can be perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Boz-Summix is a member of the MPE group, the Multi Processing Equipment Group is the holding company of 5 international operating companies with the focus on development, manufacturing, supply and outstanding service of high quality components and installations of processing equipment and systems. At a pharmaceutical company Bolz-Summix specializes in the design and manufacture of conical mixers and dryers. We supply from the smallest single machine to the most extensive turnkey mixing and drying installation.

Matcon specialize in providing solutions for handling powders,granules, tablets and other materials in IBCs.We have delivered value to our customerssince 1980, helping them to achieve:Increased productivity,Improved product quality,Batch traceability,Process efficiency,Economic production ...
Matcon have a World-Wide presence and customer base and the capability to provide total IBC solutions, from single component level through to complete turnkey powder handling solutions.

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